Join us at Inkling for an opening reception on Friday, October 5th, 6 to 10.

2917 1/2 North Broadway St., Chicago

These Strange Beasts and other works by Sean Dove.

Influenced by Godzilla and other Japanese monster films, “These Strange Beasts” is both a collection of misunderstood monsters captured in screen prints, and an overview of Sean’s last year of poster making: an eclectic mix of posters influenced by or directly illustrating various video games, films and comics.

About the artitst:

Sean Dove lives and works in Chicago, where he runs his one-man design studio And Thank You For Flying. He makes humorous, retro-inspired images with bold, solid shapes and smart colors. His work has been exhibited at galleries around the United States, including New York and Los Angeles’ Gallery 1988, as well as publications such as Strange Kids Club Comix Magazine, G.I. Joe, and Lloyd Kaufman Presents: The Toxic Avenger And Other Tromatic Tales. He also self publishes his comic series Fried Rice, a collection of short comic works. He enjoys walking to work, the middle seat at the theater, and plaid shirts.